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Capabilities & Services

As a proudly South African manufacturer we can offer our clients tailor made solutions.

Lastly, by reviewing the clients system requirements and aiding them in their Valve Selection Process, we can help our clients Capitalise on maximum benefits.

Our valve repair center has a unique combination of highly-skilled technicians that provide on-site, emergency and scheduled repair services. Our services includes,

  • Refurbishment & Modification
  • Stem Extensions
  • Seat Modifications
  • Drilling of Valves to customer requirements
  • Machining of Valves from Screwed to Socket Weld
  • Sandblasting
  • Relapping
  • Replacements of Seals & Gaskets
  • Pressure Testing to Manufacturers specifcations
  • Valve Conversions eg. Spring Loaded
  • Replacement of Gland Packing
  • Safety Valve assembly Workshop Facilities & Testing Facilities