Slurry Knife Gate Valve

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Slurry Knife Gate Valve

LVSA Slurry knife gate valves are best suited for the below mining processes:

  • Ore gringing (ball grind mill, cyclone)
  • Ore selection (floatation, magnetic separation)
  • Concentration

Products Range:

Size: DN 50 to DN 600

Pressure Rating: PN 10 to PN 25

Material of Construction: Cast iron, cast steel, Stainless steel

Liner: Urethane

Integral Polyurethane (PU) moulding construction

  • soft seat provides better sealing performance.
  • Polyurethane is a high abrasion-resistant material.

Fill bore design: 

Protects the gate from the abrasive line media

Seat self-washing construction

Medium will not stay at the bottom of the seat allowing the valve cavity to stay clean.

  • Knife gate profile shears off the stagnant particles from the port area.

Bi-directional sealing design